Top Gear Seson Final

Last night I finally watched the latest downloaded episode of top gear. Little did I know it would be it’s last for the season.

Well Richard Hammond did a review of the Holden HSV R8 Bathurst edition. Even tho the little hamster can’t pronnounce it correctly. It’s ‘Bathurst’ not ‘Barthurst’. Stoopid pommy accents!
Anywho, this car is hot! Did a faster lap than an Aston Martin DB9! Now that’s impressive. The supercharger under the hood makes ‘a sound like a woman having a crysis’ wich is their way of saying it’s insane. Kinda like a kettle whistle on steroids!
Not only did they review the R8 but also the R8 Maloo ute. Once again you muppet it’s not ‘Maeloo’ it’s Maloo. This beast, as expected also did a hot lap. About half a second faster than it’s steroid enhanced sister.

I wanted to write about this episode because the ending almost brought a tear to my eye.
Clarkson reviews the new Aston Martin V12 Vantage. He goes on to say that it is pretty much the same as the V8 Vantage but with a bigger engine. Pretty obvious really.
However this was unlike any review I have ever seen. Clarkson got all emotional. Saying that ‘it’s sad really, cars like this may soon become a thing if the past. With the economic downturn, global warming and in increasing demand on fuel, we may never see cars like this again’

He was right! Cars like this may become a thing if the past. Just look at GM they went bust.
Not only was this review emotional, but probably their best produced ever. It was like and emotionaly charged 5 min movie of the Aston driving through the country side. It was soo good it almost brought a tear to my eye.

I just hope that those insane car makers out there continue t produce exotic beasts. Just so top gear can continue what they have been doing for almost 15yrs. Takin the piss outta them

And on that note, goodnight