The Supanova Fail Whale

So today Stef and I went to Supanova. I had never been to a SciFi/Anime/Gamer/etc convention before. I had quite high expectations of what to expect. Sadly, I was severely disappointed. Not at the content or exhibitions they had, but at the event management itself. I suppose it’s what you get for having volunteers as people and event control.

It wasn’t all that bad really! Stef, myself and her friend Coral went to the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Q&A panel. Those two are hilarious and I hope they make many more movies together. They mainly talked about their new movie “Paul” which is in cinemas April 14.
Stef convinced me to join the public question line. We put it out to twitter with what to ask, got a few obscure replies so we decided to stick with Stef’s original thought “out of all your roles, either together or separate, which would be your favorite?”
Luckily one of the events people came to me whilst I was waiting to ask said question and said, “you’re the last one”. I was stoked!! And quite nervous!! I asked away and Nick replied with some drama movie that hit close to home personally. Where as Simon rattled off a few movies and said “I couldn’t pick one, it’s like choosing a favorite child” Nick replied, “now I feel like a jerk for picking a favorite” this was the only highlight of the day for me.

Whilst at the Q&A Stef was on twitter and a stall holder wanted a coffee and offered free Lego to who ever brought her one. We said why not and found her, she got a coffee but gave Stef the Lego anyway.

As the day went on, it got worse and worse, long queues, no air circulation, and lack of people management. I was cracking the shits bad. I really wanted the Lego thing Stef got! I LOVE LEGO!!! She was going to give it to her brother Edward whom also loves Lego! However after winging about it and the event itself, Stef gave it to me 🙂
It’s awesome, it’s Lego, it’s Star Wars and you can make eight things!! That’s eight things!!!!

We saw a snippet of the ‘One Man Lord Of The Rings’ show at one of the stages and I’m glad I did, because now I don’t want to see the show. I saw his star wars one 2 years ago, but this was not doing it for me. You just saved me some cash!

After Stef wanted to get her photo with Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy. The lines again were ridiculous!! We waited for almost two hours and then I found out the printer was broken. This was the reason for the delay.
Stef and I decided that it would be better if I waited in the photo pickup queue whist she got her photo done.
About another hour later and she was out!! I decided to go grab the car, and it was fucking pissing down with rain!! I got drenched!!!

Stef finally got her photo!! Now time to head home, shower, grab pizza beer and a movie.

Supanova was a waste of time and effort. Although I did like a few things, overall I felt that it was a waste. Others will say they liked it, loved it, and think it’s the best thing ever.

Stef only really went for Tom Felton and the Simon Pegg & Nick Frost panel. She got a photo with Tom and it turned out great!!