iPhone 4 Australia Release May Be Delayed

I just saw a channel 9 news story that the highly anticipated iPhone 4’s Australian release may be delayed. This is due to the highly publicised issues with the flawed antenna design.
There are so many reports out on the Internet that prove this issue, videos etc.
CEO Steve Jobs has reportedly said that ‘your holding it wrong’ and ‘it’s just a phone, get over it’

Now I don’t know about you. But if I had bought the iPhone 4 only to find that I cannot hold it a certain way because the signal would drop, I would be pretty pissed off.
A ‘bumper’ case fixes this issue, it’s only available from apple and it cost $30, How Convenient!!

The news story mentioned a potentially recall. This would cost apple a whopping $2Bn!!!! Their share price has also dropped by 8% since the iPhone 4’s release in the US.

I hope they recall it, that way my contract would be closer for a free upgrade by the time they get around to fixing it.

Either way I just can’t understand how a fault like this could of been missed during it’s testing. Especially for a high calibre company like Apple.

LockInfo with InfoShade and SnowCover

David Ashman recently updated LockInfo.
This is by far one of the best Jailbroke apps ever!
I love it!
It enables me to access Twitter, calendar, weather, SMS/mail/missed calls and loads of other things right from my lock screen

You can even hide it by double tapping the status bar.

Info shade allows you to access it from any app. Even the home screen.

It is compatible with QuickReply so I can reply to an SMS without having unlock or even leave the current app.

SnowCover is just a iPod skin for the lock screen. It also alows for gestures to pause, change volume and even tracks

All of these are availble from cydia on the BigBoss and ModMyI repos.

Stimpy5050 on twitter


I’m writing this post because a lot of mates of mine have Jailbroken iPhones and are captivated by what i have done with my iPhone and the themes / apps / plugins i use to get the most out of it.

You can see all the images below.

Here is a list of the apps that i use, also below the images are instructions on how to install the apps that i use by using my backup file.

Grant recently backed up his iPhone using Pkg Backup.
These applications, installed from Cydia®, are:
Custom Sources – Add via Manage – Sources
Cydia Sources

My Matte UI Theme (extra folder for other icons) – Reorder them in Winterboard the way i have them listed for it to work.
If the are not in this order, the 8icon dock images will be too big. Winterboard works on a preference system, the higher in the list, the more priority it has.
Extract these files into your Winterboard themes folder in var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx/
Matte DockThe icons in this are 44×45 pixels so it works with the 8icon Dock setting in supreme preferences. simply add your own icons here as *app*.png for your dock apps
SBSettings ThemesContains 5 themes, extract in the folder private/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Themes

I know i dont have many instructions here, you can see some pretty cool stuff @ appleiphoneschool.com
Winterboard theme help
Or if you have any questions, simple comment on this post and i’ll endevour to help where i can!
Good Luck and happy Pwning

01 - Quick Gold02 - Universal Search
03 - 8 Icon Dock_Matte UI04 - qTweeter
05 - SBSettings 106 - SBSettings 2
07 - Kirikae & Backgrounder08 - Kirikae Favourites
09 - Orbit10 - Supreme Preferences
11 - Settings112 - Settings 2
13 - LockInfo 114 - LockInfo Plugins 1
15 - LockInfo Plugins 216 - Cydgets
17 - LockInfo Collapsed18 - LockInfo Expanded 1
19 - LockInfo Expanded 220 - Cydget Wiki
21 - Cydget Calc22 - iPodPop