Happy Moomba 27th Birthday Fireworks Extravaganza!

Ok, so apologies for the EPIC title!! Well nah not really!

On March 14 1985 I entered this world as a bouncing baby boy, and it was that time of year again to celebrate such a momentous occasion!

Although the actual birthday gift receiving part of the day was rather non eventful. Except for Stef who got me tickets to the MSO on the previous Saturday evening and was treating me to Moomba. My brother didn’t really get me anything, but then again we have an agreement that if I don’t get him anything for his birthday (24-feb) then I would not expect anything in return. My parents didn’t get me anything either, this came as quite a disappointing surprise. In saying that, they have been absolutely amazing in assisting me get back on track with life so I guess that’s their present.

Stef and I were going to meet several people at federation square to explore the Moomba Festival. I can honestly say that I cannot recall the last time I went to Moomba, it was most likely as a child.

On the way to the city, we picked up Stef’s friend June. Stef & June have not seen each other in almost 15 years!! It was great to see that they still get along, a true friend ship has no distance or time limit and this was one of them. We made our way to the closest train station and headed to Federation Square to meet up with Stef’s other friend Coral and my mate Ash.

It took some time for everyone to arrive, but before we knew it we were on our way exploring the rides and making our way through the crowds. We stumbled upon dodgem cars! Now the last time I was on dodgem cars was way back in 2005 when I worked at the Melbourne Show doing catering! So it was a ‘no brainer’ that dodgem car action had to be had! Ash got into one car, June & Coral in another and then myself in the third car. Stef decided it would be wise of her to video the event (youtube) however I think she was silently scared! hehe
It was great fun!! Going around and around and around in circles trying as hard as I can to HIT the other cars as hard as I can!!

Before we knew it, the fun was over and we decided to venture deeper into the festival to track down some decent carnie noms. Whilst we were wandering and dodging people that were not paying attention, Stef suddenly decided she wanted me to win a plushie for her. But not just any plushie, a giant cuddly bear. This thought continued on and on throughput the day with Stef saying “IWANNABEAR” it was totes cute, however neither of us wanted to waste the money on trying to win one, then fail, so we gave it a pass. However still continuing to say IWANNABEAR all day haha.

We found a spot to eat and got ourselves some cheese kransky snags, they were mighty delicious and mighty expensive!! Two snags and some drinks cost me close to 25bux!!! That is REDICULOUS!!!
Whilst we were eating Stef called her other friend Ioanna to see where she was so she could meet up with us. Not long and she was here and we ventured down the river and then across to the other side.

Apart from Stef and Myself, it was the first time that each of the people on my birthday adventure had met. To our delight everyone was getting along just fine! No awkwardness or getting singled out, it was great!

We wondered around to the other side of the river where there were yet more carnie attractions and rides and yes… bears… IWANNABEAR!!!
June pointed out the giant drop ride and said “lets do that!”. I basically said, fat chance in getting me on that ride, Ash had done it before and was not up for it again and with Stef’s fear of heights, it was highly unlikely for her to go on it! However, June pulled the “I have not seen you in 15yrs” card and dragged Stef onto the ride along with Ioanna and Coral. There really is not much to this ride, it goes up in the air, waits, then drops. I could hear Stef’s loud high pitched scream as the ride fell to the bottom. You may just be able to hear it on this video (youtube) Ioanna left not long after this ride, she had to get home and prepare for her trip to China!!

After that we meandered our way through the crowds again and found ourselves at the live stage. The music was really strange, but also groovy. I forget the name but it was basically bollywood music live in concert. Ash decided that it was getting chilly, and as he lives opposite Flinder St Station, he decided to make a quick trip home for a jacket. I asked him for one as I did not listen to my mother in the morning “Take a jacket, it will get cold tonight” “Nah mum, she’ll be right” YEAH!? Famous last words they were!!! Ash returned after about half hour and was empty handed, oh well looks like I have learnt my lesson!

We decided it was time for a drink or two. So we made our way back around and accross the river again to Transport Bar. We grabbed a table, some brews, and chatted away. June told us that she was a doctor, we all thought this was awesome! None of us had ever known a doctor before!! June had studied overseas pretty much her entire life and got her Doctorate overseas too. She had awesome pics of injuries etc. It was rather a interesting conversation!! IWANNABEAR

The time was ticking closer and closer to 9:15 and that meant FIREWORKS!!! We hot footed it down to the river, then looked to the opposite side and saw all this empty space in front of the rowing sheds. So we hot footed it again across the bridge to the other side and managed to grab a nice spot on the grass. We parked our arses and waited, waited, waited then BANG!! the fireworks had started!
THIS WAS SOO AWESOME!!!! I had NEVER had fireworks on my BIRTHDAY before! and to spend it with friends and my amazing girlfriend Stef was even better! Fireworks NEVER dissapoint and this was no exception! it was a truly beautiful spectacle!! but as always, it came to and end…

As Ash’s apartment is so close by, he suggested we chill at his for a bit after. He broke out the Rock Band, and we got to rocking it out! I was cracking the shits hard core because I was not able to get the timing right. Apparently it is a lot more sensitive than guitar hero… We all had our shots at singing, guitar, bass and drums and it was getting late. June, Stef and I had to make sure we caught the train before they stopped service for the night. So we said farewell and made our way to the station and discovered that we had some time to kill. I said to Stef lets do that photo booth thing!! The first booth stole my money!! So we tried the second one and managed to get three photo’s taken. you can see them here one, two, three.

Before we knew it we were on our way back to drop June off then on our way home. I asked Stef “Have you ever had a kebab before?” She replied “what’s that?!”
I think you know what happend next, we stopped and got some kebab late night noms and then chilled watching half of Finding Nemo and then crashed.

I would have to say that it would be one of my best birthdays yet. You don’t need to get crunk or “fucked up” to have a great birthday! This was truly special and AWESOME!!

Thanks June, Ash, Coral and Ioanna for joining me and helping me celebrate!
And OF COURSE Stef!!! xoxo