Muppets Drivig Fast Cars

Was on my way home from dropping Tegan off in the city just before.
Pulled onto the eastern from huddle st. Got up to 100-102 and set the cruise control.
Out of no where this 4WD comes screaming past out of nowhere. But then he slows down and stays around the speed limit.
Then this guy in a Commodore S is weaving in and out of traffic.
I get cought behind him and he is hitting the breaks. WTF?! Breaks on fwy? If it’s a slower car. Use the empty lane next to you an, as hughsy would say, GO ROUND!!
I was now sitting on about 90. Saw an empty lane, dropped it to 3rd and went around. Back to 5th and resume cruise. The guy in the commo didn’t like me doing that. So he speeds up, ‘yeah I’m faster than you’
I’m shakin my head, as the chick in te far right is also shaking her head.
Then that 4WD I mentioned was also infont of the commo. ‘i know what I’ll do. I’ll tailgate him jut for fun’
The poor bloke in the 4WD would change lanes to let him past only to have him change too to continue to follow. This continued on as the sped down the fwy. I exited at Thompsons rd. However I’m sure this continued on until one of them exited also.
Like seriously, that guy in the commo was lookin to get killed.
What a Muppet!

BOOM! Head shot!!

today tegan and i went paintballing.

we were invited to tag along with klaus and mish to an indoor paintball place in oakleigh, and the best thing was it was only 50bux!

when we got there, we discovered that alot of things that were promised to the group when the booking was made, acually never happend. we were supposed to have our own group, split up so we are against ourselves. nup we got paired with another group. and the other team we got paired with for the first two rounds did not follow the rules.

once you get shot, your supposed to put up your hand, and walk back. the other team alot of the time didnt walk back. also when your walking back, you are not allowed to be shot at. the other group decided that, ‘oh look there is some 1 walking away, not in any cover, i’ll shoot them in the back’ uhhhhh wtf? i think your not allowed to shoot at them! 3 girls from our team got shot square in the back.

apart from the little miss haps, it was a pretty fun day. what a better way to relieve the stress from a crazy week at work then to go to a warehouse and shoot at randoms, AWESOME!!

the last round, once all the games had been completed was a free for all. basically shoot til you run out of ammo. with my last few shots i managed to get one in the arm, one in the ass and of course one square in the face mask. boom! headshot!!

ah what a great day. for those of you that want the two photos that were taken on my camera go to my gallery here. i must apologise (don’t know her name, the one with the N95?) i said it would be better to take it with mine, as its 7MP but for some reason the settings were down to low so its only 640 x 480 res. fail on my part. also mish, sorry for hitting u in the ass….. nah not really that was awesome!


if your going to organise another one send me an email @ and ill send out my mobile number! cheers!!

Removing the Wisdom

yesterday i had my wisdom teeth taken out, all four of them!! I am recovering surprisingly well. Little to no pain and only a little swelling, however i still have no feeling in my bottom lip on the right. The surgeon said its not uncommon, it just feels really weird!

on another note, i have just finished working at the new Travancore Officeworks. Its locate at the old lombards site in flemmington. I was working there doing the store setup, along side my girlfriend tegan who now works there part time. It was a great experience, working with wonderfull people. I would do it all again if the oportunity presented itself.

One of the reasons for me doing the store setup was to help me get a MIT position at work (manager in training) over the next week i will be compiling a new resume and preparing for a possible interview so i hope all goes well.

It has been soo busy with work i have hardly found the time to keep this blog updated…. there is soo much more i can say but atm i cant be stuffed. haha

one event that traspired was meeting the dudes from pure pwnage wich was AWESOME. you can read the blog entry my mate wrote about it here. basically they came to melbourne to screen their new episode. we were the first in the world to see it wich was pretty cool.

my tomato soup is getting cold so till next time…

happy new year

First and for most, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who knows me, may this year be as good and enjoyable as 2005 was.

It has been a while since my last post. I just have not had the time to update, but as my new music grows and grows I have no choice but to knuckle down and update everything…well that and the fact I just haven’t installed dreamweaver since my last format.

Christmas has come and gone, and we are all feeling the effects of it on our wallet’s, well at least i am. Why do i have to spend too much money all the time! For christmas i gave my girlfriend a ticket to the sold out U2 concert on march 26th, the ticket that i lined up for over nite, camping out, sleeping on the cold hard concrete just so i could be 10th in line to buy a ticket. Well not just for me, it was also for all my mates who are also coming along to this grand event. in total we bought 9 tickets, in cash! thats $99 each. I was sleeping ontop of my wallet so i wouldnt get mugged and have the 900 dollars stolen from my very hands.

Now for what i got for xmas, i got about 4 shirts, all of wich i need desperately, haha saves me buying them myself! Tegan’s parents gave me a ticket to go see the Lion King stage play in april wich is awsome. Parents bought me an electric shaver, wich means i dont have to use my brothers all the time. Its good but it doesn’t compare to a razor wich does a much better job. My nana gave me a Stargate SG-1 Box Set, Season 6 to be exact, i now own seasons 6-8 eventually i will have them all. My brother gave me all his old parts to his pc he won’t need any more. He recently purchased all this new gear, and as a result is handing over his old stuff to me. Its much better than the PII 450 im running atm 🙂

On the note of my brothers pc, he hasn’t actually gotten it all yet, wich is a bit of a pain for both of us. Not only does he not have his new pc and i not have his old one, we have been given the run around from CPL (Computer & Parts Land) many of you may know them from the Green Guide in Thursday’s Age. He was told there was one in store and that they would hold it for him. Dad took him for a drive all the way out to monash to get it, only to find out some deadbeat had sold it to someone else. now understandably brendan was pretty pissed, so the sales person was kind enough to order it and give free delivery, and he would receive it just after xmas. Wich he was cool with, until he got a call and was told it wont come in untill the 10th of jan!! WTF! Not happy at all. I started to do the ring around to other stores trying to see who has it and if we can get it any earlier. I found out that Landmark Computers in box hill can get it in on the 5th, so brendan decided to get his money back and get it from them.

I drive out there today (4th Jan) to get his money back only to be told that both CPL and LMC use the same supplier and that CPL cant get it till the 10th???? now does that make sense?? I Call LMC and get a gurantee that it will be in on the 5th, i was told yes. If we go out there tomorro and find out they dont have, shit is gonna hit the fan big time!!!
Ah what a nice venting session that was….

New years eve was a bit of a dissapointment this year. it was my first NYE wid a girlfriend and i didnt meet her till after midnight, thats the best bit about NYE is the midnight kiss. i dunno i guess im kinda over it now, its basically just another night out wid your mates getting drunk, and i can do that any time, next year i think ill have it at a house or something, somewhere less crowded, and wehre the bouban and cokes aint 6.70 each, what a rip!! I hate people that jack prices just coz of an event. Should of asked them for some slate, n thrown it in their face!

haha kind of a angry entry aint it, oh wells a guys gotta complain once in a while….

fuck slate!!

On Thursday i was out at a training thing for work only to get a msg from ash saying they were going out to the Melbourne Uni SSS End of Exams Party $1.50 post and $3.50 spirits. It was so cheap so i fugure why not!! I quickly made my way home after training got changed and headed out to ash’s house. I call to ask him and abs if they wanted me to get them KFC, abs said nah its cool ash’s mum is gonna cook us something, no knowing what it was i decided to get KFC anyways, only to find out, as i was finishing, that ash’s rangehood in the kitchen was being fixed or something and his mum was going to get take out. so they could of had KFC but didnt take the opportunity to do so. not really that interesting now i think bout it oh well’s may as well leave it there 🙂

Daylight saving time has played tricks on all of us, we were meant to be at al’s at about 7:30, looking outside and seeing how much more daylight we had we figured we had plenty of time so we took our time in getting our asses in to gear. i check the time and it was like 7:45!!! so we call al telling him to meet us at Metro.

The last SSS party we went to we got there too late and couldnt get in, this time we figured we would get there early enuf to get a good spot in the cue. we arrive only to find nobody there so we went around the corner to sit at the pub, 15min later we get up and there was a small que forming so we quickly jumped inline.

Doors opend at 8:30 and we were getting str8 into the booze, found a nice spot infront of the door in booth to sit our asses on. drinks were soo cheap i just couldnt be bothered keeping tabs on who’s round it was. “ah fuck it ill get this one”

Ash and myself were doing a round of 4 bourbon n cokes (2 each) only to be dissapointed in the taste of it i decided to find out what cheap shit they were feeding us. was some crap called Slate. FUCK SLATE. now for those that don’t know there is this site on the net about this guy wid tourrrets and one clip is him sitting at the table and then randomly knocking the salt to the gorund yelling fuck salt!! hence the fuck slate! you can find his site here

This phrase continued all nite, even long after we had moved onto the vodka lemon’s. The ques were huge at the bar 30-45min easy before you got served, so i started to throw in a vodka shot every round i got to make up for lost time, prolly not a good idea now i think of it coz my memory as of that point is a total blur. I remember ash spinning some shit about being from South Africa and how abs was his slave, and the trip to Hungry Jacks and thats about it, oh and when abs n ash almost got run over by a cab coz they were being drunken fools trying to piggy back eachother!!! – cheese!

Recently i have been re-ripping my cd’s and making them official with sfv files and nfo’s so i have removed all my XAN rips from the archive and will priodically re-add them. Cheers!!

the intro…

An introduction to the life of Xander.

Name: Grant Alexander
Alias: Xander, as crowned by ash sometime last year, long story 😛
D.O.B: 14-03-1985
Age: 20

This site was first created so my mates could see what music i had instead of me telling them all the time. “hey grant what music u got”, “well i have this this and this”. Now all i have to do is say go to and look for yourself 😛 good plan don’t you think.

Ok now a little about myself….
I am currently studying accounting at TAFE, although at the moment its a bit of a half assed effort coz im a bit of lazy bastard, other than that hopefully i will finish by the end of this year and get my Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

I work at Officeworks in Doncaster, and have been there since the start of june. The pay is good, the people are great and its enjoyable (well most times) to go to work each day 🙂 I also work for a catering company called Michael O’Brien Catering. When i work for these guys, its usually at some footy event at Optus Oval, or a major event such as Big Day Out and the Royal Melbourne Show. I am actually working at the melb show this year in the bar, wich should make for some interesting posts.

Well i think thats about all i can think of for now, its gettin late and i have work tomorrow and im feeling a bit lazy (as usual) to type anything else 😛