Virgin Sucks! Is it time for me to finally move over to Tel$tra?

I have had it up to here with the shit reception I have been having over the past few years.

I was with 3 Mobile, switched to Virgin 10 months ago hoping for an improvement. Still shit. So maybe its time I give in to my hate for Tel$tra so I can finally get the reception & coverage that I deserve.

As a result of my pent up frustrations, It is time, again, to contact my “service” provider & hope they give in to my wishes. If not, then it’s off to the TIO for a second time around to get out of my contract.

Bonus is that I may get an update to an iPhone 4S out of it…

My email to Virgin Mobile

In December 2010, I moved from 3 Mobile to Virgin mobile after issues with cellular connectivity & the lack of reception I was having at home & abroad.
Currently I am still having the same issues with your network. At home I have zero reception, if not worse than what it was with 3 mobile.
To put it in perspective, in order to receive phone calls at home I have a Telstra prepaid mobile that I use to divert calls to. That way I can actually carry a conversation longer than 30 seconds without it dropping out and having to call my friend back.
Even when I am at work on St Kilda road in Melbourne’s CBD I have trouble hearing my friends & subsequently end up calling them back from my works land line.
In almost 10 months, I have not seen any improvement.
I have already contacted the TIO to seek advice on this matter, hence my email to you.
I have an iPhone 4, iOS 5, non-jailbreak (not that it makes a difference)

The only reason I chose Virgin back in December was because you had the best offer at the time. In addition, being that you are on the Optus network, I was under the impression that the coverage would improve. This is not the case, and now I am stuck with a provider that is failing to provide me with the service that I require.

I wish to move my service over to Telstra where I know I will get the coverage that I deserve.

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