Happy Birthday Mum!!

Today is my Mum’s Birthday!

I wished her a happy birthday this morning, however I did not have a card or a present to give to her as I’m poor due to being sick and not working.
However I did manage to scrape together enough change from my car to get her a card on the way home, I even had enough to get her a ‘quick pick’ for tonight’s lotto draw!!

Message on the Envelope

To The MOST Awesome
Mum In The WORLD!!

Here is the message that i wrote on the card

Dear Mum,

Thank you for everything you do for me. You have been there for me every step of the way. Especially thru the last eight months or so, as I get myself back up on my feet. I definately could not of gotten to where I am today without both yours and Dad’s support. Although I may not show it all the time, I do truly appreciate everything you do for me.

Happy Birthday Mum!!

Much Love

Grant 🙂 xoxo

Both of my parents have helped me thru some very difficult times, basically since 1st of July 2010. To name a few: Got fired, struggled to find work, Dad got me onto a recruitment agency thru his work, my Girlfriend of 5 and a half years left me, they took me to Vietnam for three weeks, and have helped me out financially numerous times!!
I honestly cannot be more thankful for both of their support whist I pick myself back up and get on with my life!
Not to mention my other family and friends too!
And my awesome girlfriend and best friend Stef!!

There is also a message on the card that I got, it is as follows

For A very Special Mother

This brings a special thank you for the love you show all year, and the thoughtful things you do that make you so dear…
And this also comes to tell you today that you are loved so very much – far more than words can say.

Happy Birthday

I Love You Lots Mum!! I hope you have had a great day, and we all enjoy dinner tonight with the family!!


Grant xoxo

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