Girl Talk


Yesterday whilst driving I was listening to Triple J’s 2010 with Richard Kingsmill and he was talking about a free downloadable album from Girl Talk. The reason for it being free is due to every track containing an uncountable number of samples. So due to copyright issues they cannot produce the album commercially. Either way Free or Not I had to get my hands on it.

I have been listening to it for almost half an hour now and OH MY GOD, the tracks in combination samples are like a musical journey through time! For instance the track On and On (track 6) has 80’s and even recent top 40 chart artists. Full sample list is available here all 350+ artists!

This album is truly unbelieveable!!! Definately worth the download and listen multiple times!!

It is available for download here at You can download it as one single mixed track, or split ‘for easy navigation’
Can’t wait for them to release the FLAC version of it.

OMG just before I hit post Rage Against the Machine was sampled. I now LOVE these guys!!

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