Vietnam Day Eleven

Today we slept in and had a late breakfast. We had already done alot of the tours around Hoi An. We decided to call our friend Mr Than in town for a tour to Da Nang and see the Cham Museum.
After a quick wash up our driver arrived at the hotel, it was the same guy that took us to Marble Mountain and My Son a couple of days ago. He’s a bit of a character, doesn’t speak much english, but enough to make a few jokes and understand what we are talking about.
The drive to Da Nang is only about 1 hour so before we knew it we were in town, weaving our way thru traffic. We arrived at the museum, our driver said, ‘you go in, I wait in car’
The museum was amazing! When we were at My Son, there were plaques on the ground that said ‘In 19XX this Artifact was removed for preservation’ All of these artifacts were at this museum. When you see them, you can understand why the were removed. The original site is overgrown and slowly decaying. These artifacts are so beautiful they need to be preserved. They are not only from My Son, but other ancient sites around Vietnam. Some of them date back to the early 10th Century! It was absolutely amazing!! As usual Dad took many of photos, its the main reason why I havent taken so many myself.
The most confronting part of this museum were the photos of the sacred sites before and after the war. The sites were even more spectacular, its very unfortunate that the Americans bombed the shit out of the place.
We reached the giftshop, which of course meant the end of the musuem. We didnt buy anything, altho im sure mum wanted to! We walked outside to search for our driver. He was asleep!! It was funny as, we didnt want to wake him. He woke up on his own after a bout a minute or two. He was laughing and saying ‘sorry sorry’ It wasnt a problem at all!
We started to make our way back to Hoi An, however we decided to take a detour thru the docks and over the new bridge and along the coast. The coastline isn’t that spectacular, however the floating villages and fishing boats are.
Before we knew it we were back in Hoi An and Mr Than was there waiting for us. Well of course he was, we hadn’t paid him yet!! 40USD for an entire day! Thats cheaper than a cab from Melbourne CBD to Templestowe!!
Dad had to head back to the tailors where he was getting his shirts made up. They were perfect!! These tailors have amazing skills, to be able to copy a shirt, and have it ready in just over 12hrs is truly amazing! Of course mum got talking with the merchant, and before we knew it she ws getting measured and choosing fabrics for two new tops. So I decided to head next door and have a look around, they had some beautiful scarfs and ceramic plates/vases etc. I ended up purchasing a few more gifts, so far I have done almost all of my xmas shopping.
Once mum was finished, she saw the scarf that i got and decided to stock up for her work christmas party. As she works with all females at the bank, it was the easiest solution and at 100kVND each, why not!!
We walked back towards Mr Than’s shop for our transport back to our hotel. He hailed and paid for a cab, 60kVND. On the way we stopped back at the Laundry to see if Dad’s missing tshirt was there. Whislt we waited the cab driver asked if Brendan and I wanted to drive. It would of been fun, however we declined. We got to the hotel and the meter read 70kVND. The cabbie wanted more money, we said that Mr Than had paid and we weren’t paying any more. 10kVND is only 0.50AUD, but its the principle of the thing!
After a light snooze and watching part of the Star Trek movie for the upteenth time we headed back into Hoi An for dinner. At breakfast this Italian couple suggested the Good Morning Vietnam restaraunt, and said it is better food than Lygon Street. Well if its that good, why not. We got a cab from the Hotel to town, the cab dropped us off close to the resturaunt. Or at least we think he did, as it turns out we had no idea where we were. We kept asking locals where it is, but not one place had the name we were looking for. Accoring to our guide, the address was right, however the name was not. It was called Luong Gia, and according to the hostess it was called Good Morning Vietnam about two years ago. It did have an italian menu so we figured why not.
The food was AMAZING! Mum and I got a garlic and tomato bruschetta, Brendan got a Soup and I cant remember what Dad got. The couple that recomended the place walked past in the street. As it turns out, it was not the same place they went to, however it was still good.
For mains, Mum and Dad got the Lasagne with freshly made pasta. Brendan got a chicken dish and I ordered a peperoni pizza. I know what your all thinking, why are you not eating Vietnamese whilst in Vietnam?! Well thats beause its all we have been eating, it was good to have a change in diet. The meal was awesome, full of garlic! So much so that I could still taste it the next day after cleaning my teeth several times.
We made our way back to the bus depot so we could get the free 8:30pm shuttle to the hotel. We decided to call it a night, just chilled in the room, wathced a few TV shows and went to bed. Tomorrow we are of to Hue.

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