A Relic

Whilst at the Thien Quang Pagoda I discovered that this is where the infamous photo of the burning man came from. A lot of you will know it from the cover of Rage Against The Machine’s Self Titled 1992 Album.


They have the actual car at the Pagoda and has been kept in the same condition as when Thien burnt himself alive in protest. Here is the quote from the plaque in front of the Car.

‘In this car The Most Venerable Thien Quang Duc went from Ân Quang Pagoda to the intersection oh Phan dinh Phung street and Lê van Duyêt street on June 11, 1963 in Saigon. As soon as he got out of the car, The Most Venerable sat down in the lotus position and burnt himself to death to protest against the Nao dinh Diem regime’s policies of discriminating against Buddhists and violating religious freedom’


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