Vietnam Day Ten

After the Happy Hour session at the pub last night I was pretty hungover and destroyed. I left it to the last minute to go for breakfast. Didn’t eat much, just some cereal and a strong coffee. Went back to the room and just laid on the bed and watched tv. Didn’t feel like doing much, I could still taste vodka and beer!
Had a snooze then watched more tv, movie channel HBO and Star Movies are good. The weather is shit again so I wasn’t missing much. Mum and Dad called, they went to play some more pool. After a quick shower I decided to get out of the room and join them in the pub. I was pretty hungry too, I got some spring rolls. Just drank water all day, no booze for me today!
Parents had to go back into town to get their tailored clothes. Dad had to drop off his shirt to be copied. To his surprise they had changed the price. Apparently the 8USD is wrong, and it’s 20USD. That’s more than Yaly!! The lady said, my sister has no idea about price. Well obviously not. Dad managed to get them down to 15USD each. They headed back to Yaly for Mum’s dress. It still wasn’t perfect, but it was as good as it will get. She gave in and bought it.
They got back to the hotel and came past our room. I was, yet again, asleep! Decided we would meet at about 7 for dinner in the restaurant again. Nothing special, just some soup and chicken wings in fish sauce.
Watched another movie then went to sleep. Had to be ready by 11am tomorrow to head to Da Nang

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