Vietnam Day Nine

Today we decided to sleep in and have a late breakfast. We chilled in our rooms for a bit. Unfortunately the wether is still shit. Windy and raining!
Parents called on the room phone and said were going to head into town. Figured why not, wasn’t much else to do!
We got a taxi, 70,000VND that’s about 3.50AUD. We wandered the streets and ended up in the market place. It was awesome, the streets were packed with vendors. Tarps covering the street, we all had to duck as they were about 6ft off the ground.
We started to get a little hungry so we checked the Indochina Tour Guide book for some suggestions. We decided on Cafe Can. On the way we ended up along the riverside. There were dozens of boat operators begging for us to go on a tour. This one guy, Nom, was so persistent we helped us to the cafe with the promise of a trip later tomorrow.
Cafe Can was awesome. Great food, cheap beer too!! 25,000VND for a Tiger Longneck, that’s 1.25AUD. Whilst we were waiting for our food this local tailor shop operator started to talk to us. The usual, where you from, those your too boys, they very handsome, your too young to have children. Then comes the tag line, ‘you buy shirts, come to my shop’ dad was interested as he was the only one without custom made clothing. She said 8USD a shirt. That’s half the cost of the ones from Yaly! Dad wanted to get a shirt copied so we said we would come back tomorrow to see them. Our food came out and oh my god it was delicious! Was quite a small meal tho so I got seconds.
We wandered back to the tailors so dad could check out fabrics etc. Then we headed back around town, checked out some more shops then back to Yaly for yet another fitting.
This time they got my pants right around the waist, thats because it was a brand new pair. However the back was wrong. It’s like they got everything mixed up. Got remeasured and they said to wait for 20mins. Meanwhile mum and Brendan were trying theirs on. Mums dress was still wrong around the hem, Brendan’s suit was fine. Just his shirts were wrong. One sleeve longer than the other.
They came back with my pants, Finally!!! They got it right. Suit, two shirts, tie for 250USD cheap as!! Brendan’s shirts came back, perfect! Mums dress however, still no good. I guess she’s going back again tomorrow. Fifth time lucky?
Finally got back to the hotel, quick wash then to the ‘Sands Fun Pub’ for happy hour. There was an hour left so we went nuts. Beth and Chris love a Malibu and Coke with a twist of lemon. Figured why not, it’s happy hour! And oh my god it was delicious!! I decided to ask the bar tenders what they like, they suggested a Tokyo Ice Tea. It was ok, still prefer a Long Island tho! 10mins on the clock so I doubled up, got a Japanese Slipper that was suggested by the other bar tender.
Mum and Dad arrived but were too late! Happy hour was over. We had a quick bite to eat then back on the drinks. It was Chris and Beths last night so we made the most of it. Drank, played pool against the bar tenders, drank some more, band started, drank some more. I think you get the idea!! Mum and Beth decided to hit the dance floor, then some random old German guy started to dance too. The song finished and they came scurrying back to the table. They said he asked them if they swing! WTF!? Chris was ready to jump the guy haha! He was harmless tho. Every time they went to dance, we joined them. Was very amusing! Before we knew it, it was almost midnight! Everyone had left and Chris and I played another game of pool then called it a night!
Was great meeting this couple, laid back people. Hopefully we bump into them again at some point. If not, I wish them all the best for their wedding and the future.

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