Vietnam Day Six

Wasn’t much to do today as we were off to Hoi An. So we got up relatively early, ate breakfast, checked out and got our shuttle to the airport.
Our flight ran on time, which is always a bonus. Took advantage of the free Wi-Fi at the airport. Before we knew it we were boarding out flight.
The flight from Hanoi to Da Nang is only 1.5hrs. Pretty easy flight. As we began our decent into Da Nang we noticed that the area was flooded. They had some nasty weather due to the tail end of a hurricane system further out.
Once we collected out baggage and went to find our transfer it was pouring with rain. Apparently the forecast was for 200mm in two or three days! That’s a lot of rain!!
We arrived at the hotel and checked in. The best part about the checking procedure was the host said ‘free Wi-Fi’
Got settled and got dinner at the Vietnamese Restaurant in the hotel. Dinner was amazing, and cheap! Not as cheap as in town, but still cheap!!
Played some pool in the ‘pub’ and had some beers. Then crashed. Have a big day in town tomorrow.

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