Vietnam Day Seven

Today we went into Hoi An. Had an early breakfast so we could get the 8:30 shuttle into town. The entire hotel had the same idea so the shuttle was full before we could get on. So we had to wait for it to return.
Whilst we were waiting we met a young couple. Chris and Beth, they’re from Canberra. We got talking to them and discovered they are on the same Indochina Tour as we are, just slightly different. As the locals would say ‘same same buy different’.
I forgot to mention that it is still pissing down with rain so I bought a cheap poncho from the gift shop for 20kVND (1AUD)
The bus returned and we all got on, I sat next to this older couple from Perth, they are also on the ‘same same but different’ tour. We arrived in town and everyone got off the bus but us and Chris and Beth. The driver was going to take us to Yaly Tailors. This is the same place Jeremy, Richard and James from Top Gear went to, based on this, it must be good!
We started to look around and before we knew it we were picking fabrics and designs for out suits. Brendan, Chris and I all got measured up, then we had to choose our lining. Taking a page out of the James May handbook we went for some funky colors.
Chris got a blue black and grey stripes for his lining, on his black suit it looked funky as! Brendan got a black and white peacock feather design and I got white with black polka dots and gold striping. Mum got two dresses made up, and Beth got her wedding dress and an evening gown done as well. We had to return the next day at 4pm for our final fitting and adjustments.
We headed into town, walking down the street in the pouring rain. Ended up at a t-shirt shirt shop, we started to look around and this guy pops up from under the table. The guy was asleep!
We all picked out some t-shirts, and then came the fun part, bartering. We manage to get the price down to about 80kVND each! Pretty damn cheap, I got a 333 Local Beer shirt, kind of like the Bintang shirts every one has.
We started to get peckish so we went looking for some food. Found a nice little restaurant. This place looked awesome, ancient Chinese lanterns and paintings. The food was greed too, and of course very cheap!
After lunch we just kept wandering the streets. We stumbled across a tour store. They did tours to My Son as Marble Mountain. The shop owner was awesome, he spoke very good English. Mr Tahn was his name. We sat down to plan our trip for the next day. Due to the poor weather we could only do certain things. All the boat trips were out of the question ‘very dangerous, crazy seas’ Mr Tahn said.
We ended up planning for Marble Mountain and My Son. $50USD for the four of us or $60 for six if Chris and Beth wanted to come too. Just as we were leaving Chris and Beth caught up to us and said they wanted to come. $10 each for an entire day trip with driver. That’s a good price.
We walked around town a bit more then got the shuttle back to the hotel. We all ended up having a snooze then headed to the ‘pub’ for some drinks and a light dinner. Played some more pool then went back to the room. Watched a couple of movies then crashed. Tomorrow we had to get up early as our driver is getting us at 8:30

Canon IXUS 70

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