Vietnam Day Eight

Today we are off to ‘My Son’ and ‘Marble’ mountain. Had to get up early, so we were ready for our tour pickup at 8:30, Got breakfast, cleaned ourselves up and met Chris and Beth down stairs for our tour.
We all made sure we had an umbrella, it wasnt raining yet, but if the weather was anything like yesterday then we would be needing it. However for the entire day we were very lucky, it only rained lightly a few times.
Our first stop is Marble Mountain. As the name suggests, its a mountian just north of Hoi An, made of marble. It has several Temples, Caves & Pagodoa’s. The mountain is beautiful!!
When we arrived the driver dropped us off at the base of the mountain at a marble shop. A local from the shop showed us to the start of the mountain tour. We asked about the crane and consruction on the side of the mountain. To which she replied ‘Building escalator (eleveator) to top of mountain’ I said ‘Oh for lazy people, cannot be bother climbing steps’ Without hesitation she said ‘Yes, for Americans!’ I laughed so hard, it was the funnies thing ive heard all trip.
We paid our 15kVND entry fee each and began our climb. As the weather has been wet, the marble/stone steps were very slippery. Not so good for us as we were all wearing thongs/sandals. The first stop was a budhist temple, it was beautiful. Took our sandals off and went inside. The aroma of the insence was amazing, as were the statues inside the temple. There was this cute little puppy wandering around. Would of only been about 6 months old. Dad got some awesome photos.
We continued along and the next place was a 5 storie giant Pagoda. Needless to say, it was also amazingly beautiful. We continued on and before we knew it we were at the top. There was a cave, and inside was an amazing temple. The rest of the mountain was pretty much same same but different. More Temples & Pagodas.
We headed down to the bottom and wandered back to the car. And ended up doing some shopping at the Marble Store there. There were so many different types of statues and figures. Everything from marble composite to pure jade, marble, stalectite and stalecmite figures. We all ended up gettin a souvenir or two. Dad manaaged to get a freebie by trading in a Zero the Waste Hero figurine, as did Chris for trading in a tiny plush Koala.
We jumped back into our car and headed off to My Son. It’s about 1hrs drive so we all had a chance to relax and enjoy the air con in the car. My Son is an ancient village that got bombed during the war by B-52’s. It’s a very spiritual place. Once agan we paid our tiny entry fee and got driven to the start.
The rest of the trek was to be done on foot. This place is amazing, so beautiful. It’s a reall shame that it got destroyed in the war. However alot the the main buldings were still in good conditon. Got some great photos, of course so did Dad going trigger happy with his new camera.
We walked around a little more, stopped of on the way back for a refreshing drink. Thought I would try the local RedBull. It was ok, however it wasn’t carbonated. So that was a little dissapointing. Got back to the car and we headed back to Hoi An to get our fittings done for the suits ordered yesterday.
We arrived a little early at Yaly so we decided to get some food just accross th road. Chris and Beth went there yesterday and said their birdsnest spring rolls were awesome. They were right, they were awesome!! I also got .5KG of Prawns with chili and garlic for $10AUD and a giant Tiger Beer Long Neck for $2.5!! How good is that!?!?!
After our lunch we walked back accross to Yaly for our fittings. The suits are amazing, the lining is soo cool!! I went to put the pants on and I could tell they were too small right away. The got the waist measurements wrong. The jacket was almost perfect, just needed some more room around the arm pits and biceps. Apart from those adjustments, it was perfect.
Brendan & Chris also tried on theirs, and they were pretty much perfect too. Just needed some minor adjustments. Chris also got a shirt done for $17USD. It was great, so Brendan and I decided to do the same. For $17 you can’t go wrong!
After Mum & Beth got fitted for their dresses we headed back towards where the shuttle bus leaves. Unfortunately we had missed the bus, and the next one wasn’t for another 2hrs. Chris did some barganing for a cab, and managed to get one for 80kVND back to the hotel. Thats about $4AUD.
Once we arrived back, we were all pretty exhausted. Just chilled in the room, had some drinks, watched some more movies and crashed. Tomorrow we go back to Yaly to hopefully pick up our suits etc. Not much more planned, just gonna be a lazy day in the hotel.

Canon IXUS 70

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