Vietnam Day Four

The day began when I woke at 6am and looked out of the widow of our cabin. The sun was just beginning to rise between the islands. It was absolutely beautiful!
After laying on the sun deck watching the sun coming to life above the water, we were summoned by the Thai Chi Master. We all lined up at the stern of the boat. It began with the fist an open palm bow, then we followed his every move. Well at least we tried to.
I’ve never done Thai Chi before, when it came to the couching part you could hear every ones knees crack.
Thai Chi went on for about 30mins, then we had time to wash and pack ready to check out of the cabins.
Breakfast was at 9am and was the same typical western buffet.
We stopped off at the Magic Cave. It was massive! So many chambers, so many rock formations that symbolised acient creatures and figures.
There wasn’t much left to do but to relax on the sun deck whilst we cruised back to the port. Then we had another 4 hour drive back to Hanoi.
Once again we stopped of at a local market. This was made clay products. Everything from tiny decorations to giant 30L pots. Mum & Dad did some hand painting on the pots. Dad got sucked into buying a tiny clay object for $20USD. Naturally he painted a wombat on it. Mum purchased some coasters and a food platter. The girl that served us was overly captivated with the curly nature of mums hair. Jumping up an down, laughing etc. It was quite amusing.
Before we knew it we were on our way back to the hotel. I’m pretty sure that all of us slept at some stage, we were all exhausted.
It was about 3pm when we arrived back to the hotel. They had upgrade us to a family suite. Which is awesome but it had 2 double beds. It is supposed to have a double and 2 singles. We called reception and they wheeled up an extra bed. More like a tiny trundle bed. Now I’m 6″1.5 and it’s too big for me. Imagine Brendan, 6″3, trying to fit on it.
There wasn’t much that we could do, so I got stuck on the trundle bed.
After we all had a break, relaxed and washed up we decided to head out for dinner. We had picked a seafood restaurant. Pho Bien Seafood. It was awesome, although it took us a while to realise. We spent about 10 mins working out how the spirits work. You have to buy the entire bottle, not by the shot/mixer. After we got past that the meal was awesome. Soups, spring rolls, squid, crab and plenty of other mixed seafood.
After dinner we wondered back to the hotel, on the way we stopped at a Harvey Norman style store. The prices were relatively the same as home. Got back to the hotel, watched some tv then crashed.

Canon IXUS 70
Nikon D90

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