Vietnam Day Five

Attempted to have a sleep in today, unfortunately it didn’t work out. Stupid four hour time difference is still messing with my body clock. Got a light breakfast today, kind of getting sick of the same bacon and eggs for breakfast.
After cleaning ourselves up, we got into a taxi and headed towards the market district.
This place is insane. Busy with thousands of merchants and twice was many people shopping around. It’s unbelievable how these tiny businesses with ridiculous amounts of product are financially feasible. Obviously it works! We just wandered around, dad got hustled into buying a hat. The lady even left her stock with us whilst she ran off to get some larger hats to fit dads massive head. It was about 10 mins and she returned, huffing and puffing from running. Dad only wanted one hat, she brought back two of them. “400k for two” WTF!? I paid 100k for a hat and tshirt and she wanted 400. No chance! After telling her I got my stuff for 80k we managed to beat the price down over about 20mi s he got one hat for 40k. Thats not too bad, same was what i paid, about 2AUD.
We continue to wander thru the market and we ended up and a three floor, indoor market. This place was just as insane. So many people! Didn’t buy anything tho, just walked around and then back out.
There were these electric buses (giant golf karts) waiting on the street to pick up tourists for a 20min ride around the markets. It was 105k, pretty cheap so we jumped in and went for a ride. The plan was to end up back at the ‘Lake of the Restored Sword’ for a drink. We got worried, because the bus started to zig-zag thru the market. We did eventually end up there, it was awesome the route he took us on tho. Got to see the entire market district, was awesome. After getting a quick drink, Long Island Ice Tea for 168kVND that’s about 80c!, we decide to head back to the war museum. At least this time it would be open and we could actually go in. First we stopped off at the ANZ bank so mum could tell everyone back at her ANZ branch at home she went here. Got some more Dong and grabbed a quick Taxi ride to the museum.
Entry was cheap, 20k each ($1), began to walk thru the museum and it was pretty good. Although honestly it’s like every other war museum, exhibits and weapons etc. The best was the Watch Tower out side. It’s a three tier square structure with a giant 30ft tower in the middle. Naturally I had to go straight to the top to check out the view. It was hard to believe that it was built in 1911. The rest of the museum was just the tanks and planes outside. Discovered some little kittens that had set up residence in the tanks and shit.
We started to get a bit peckish, so we went to the garden cafe next door for a drink and a quick bite to eat. Got an iced caramel coffee frappé and a toasted cheese sammich. Wasn’t long before we wanted to head back to the hotel and chill.
We walked out front to be greeted by two locals on Cyclo’s wanting to take us back to the hotel. A cyclo is a rickshaw style bicycle, rider at the back and the seat at the front. There was no way that two adults were going to fit on one of these things, especially with my brother! We waited whilst the grabbed two more. We all jumped on and we were off! The route was pretty quick, it was just crazy navigating thru the traffic. Cars, busses, trucks, motorbikes, pedestrians and even a little girl almost ran out in front of us. I took a few videos that I’ll upload to YouTube, so did my brother. We turned down one street and it was too busy with traffic. So the guys got of the bike, turned us around into oncoming traffic and went a different way. It was so much fun, we will have to do it again in Hoian.
Once we arrived at the hotel the guys tried to hustle another 100k from us. Brendan’s guy kept saying “You very big, like two people, make me very tired, pay more” haha yeah fat chance of that. I did however tip my guy 1k as it was the last of the small Dong I had left.
We just chilled for the rest of the day, watched a couple of moves on HBO and then went to bed.
Tomorrow we check out and head to the airport, flying into Da Nang, then to Hoian

Canon IXUS 70
Nikon D90

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