Vietnam Day Two

We all got up relatively early this morning. Well it was 11am AEST but 7am local. Brendan and I thought we would go for a morning swim to start the day. Go to the pool outside on level 3 and it’s freezing cold! It’s not even heated, neither is the spa!!
Both looked at each other and said stuff that let’s get some food instead.
Full buffet breakfast is included, ended up having two plate fulls of bacon, egg, toast and baked beans. Not to forget the bottomless cup of coffee!
After breakfast and cleaning ourselves up we met back down stairs to plan the day. We had decided to go out and see the One Pillar Pagoda and the Ho Chi Minh museum.
Went to the ATM and got my $2million Dong and jumped in a taxi to the museum.
Taxi cost us 40,000 VND which is about $2 AUD, man I love this exchange rate!!!
Museum was great, a lot of artifacts and history from the 40’s & 50’s and some way out there exhibits.
Then the clock struck 11:30 and it was time to leave, apparently the place closes for lunch. We all took plenty of photos tho, so I’ll be posting those to the gallery site later.
Headed outside to the One Pillar Pagoda, which was also Ho Chi Minh’s house. The place was awesome, just a single little house, surrounded by water and a single set of, extra steep, stairs to the front.

Next on the list was the war museum. We decided to walk. This wasn’t a hard decision considering how close by it was, but it involved crossing the road. Now if anyone knows what the traffic is like this may not be an easy task. They drive on the right-hand-side of the road here and any rules about road safety needed to be forgotten! Basically it’s just a matter of picking a slight break in traffic, and just doing it. Turned out to be pretty easy. Although mum didn’t really like the idea of it, she got used to it after about 10 goes at it tho.
Stopped at a little shop for a quick drink, we were a bit ‘parched as’. We looked at the map and discovered the museum was just across the road. Went across only to find out that most places are closed on a Monday and Friday. Sucks really. Would of been an awesome place to go to!
Decided to walk down to the ‘Lake of the Restored Sword’ for lunch.
A local told us about a 5min walk, 15min later and we are still walking! Was still awesome tho, walking thru the streets and checking out the local shops. Ended up getting a hat and a Vietnam flag t-shirt for about $5 AUD.
Finally got to the lake, only about 30mins longer than the 5min the local said. Lunch was good, ice cold beer and garlic beef.
Started to walk back toasted the hotel, plan was to get a chook-chook, bicycle-taxi, but we found ourselves in a line for the infamous ‘water puppet show’
I did not understand a word, however the puppetry skills were amazing, Jim Henson would of been proud!!
Quick taxi back to the hotel. Walked up the street to get booze. 50c for a can of coke and $2 for a an of Carslberg! Can’t go wrong with that. Chilled by the pool before dinner. Early-ish night as we leave for Ha Long Bay quite early.

Canon IXUS 70
Nikon D90

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