Vietnam Day One

We had a long travel to get here. Arrived at Melbourne Airport at about 8am for our 11:30 flight.
Caught up with all the crew I worked with there. Was great to see them again. I found out tho that the stores had lost the lease and they were getting moved out. No surprises with that really. A lot of you will know why.
Flight was pretty good, would of been better if my laptop didn’t run out of battery only two hours into a seven hour flight! The only video entertainment I had left was Family Guy Star Wars on my iPod. Luckily the battery lasted the length of the movie before that went flat.
I forgot to sync my videos to my iPhone so I only had music and the shitty movies on the in flight video.
There was this Vietnamese family that was keeping us entertained. This kid named Nelson that was about 3 and an absolute trouble maker. His brother Jimmy, 5yrs, just would not stop talking!!
After a long 7.5hrs we finally arrived in Ho Chi Minh city and had about a 2 hour wait for our domestic transfer to Hanoi. Time went quick, by the time we exit customs got luggage an checked in again our flight was ready to go.
Pretty easy 2 hr flight then a 30min taxi to the hotel. Local time was about 9pm, 1am AEST.
Checked in and the first thing Brendan and I did when we got to the room was set up all our electrical gear to charge, typical bloke/geek thing to do. Found out that dad did the same thing!
Was about 11pm when we all got settled, headed down to the bar for a beer with Dad & Brendan. Was ice cold from the tap, perfect way to end a long day!

Nikon D90

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