Filling The Void

Some days I still can’t believe that lost is over.
It’s the one of the best TV show I have seen and now it’s finished!
There seems to be something missing in my weekly TV download ritual.

It was a great last episode, however many others hated it to the bone.
Yes, it left alot unanswered! But for a show that was full of mystery wouldn’t it be fitting to end with more mystery and spectualtion?!
I loved it!

Not only has LOST finished but it’s also the end of the ratings season in the US. Thus leaving all the other awesome shows I watch religously either getting cancelled or on hiatus for a next season renewal.
Smallville, Supernatural, Stargate Universe, NCIS & LA are just to name a few.

I guess it’s opened the time I have for tv watching to ‘catch up’ on tv I havnt watched. Like Big Bang Theory. I never really gave that show any credit, even tho I still have every ep until it current one. It’s a really good show, especially if your a self confessed geek like myself!

Well train stop comin up, that was a great way to fill in some time….

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