Nicholas Marshall – 1993-2010

A family friend of ours sadly lost their son in a tragic suicide, Nick was only

My parents have known the family since they were about my age. They would constantly fly up to Surfers to visit them.
Dad has always had a strong relationship with Nick and he will miss him dearly.

Unfortunately I never really got the chance to know Nick. However the times I did see him he was always the daredevil type, always playing around, joking and laughing. He loved to be the centre of attention.

I remeber one time when we were all up in surfers. We went to sea world, and just for fun he would trip or fall on purpose just to get a laugh.

I don’t know what had changed with him, and I probably never will. I will always remember him as the kid that wanted to be a stunt man.

This is a tragic loss and my thoughts are with the family.

My parents flew up today for the funeral, unfortunatly I was unable to make it.

Rest In Peace Nick, you will be missed by all that loved and knew you.

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