Are You Addicted To Gaming?

1 – do you spend hours at a time playing?
– yup of course I do!

2 – do you feel irritable when you can’t play?
– is that where that twitch came from!?

3 – has your performance at school or work suffered because of excess play?
– I’m not fired yet …

4 – have you jeopardised or lost a relationship because of the time spent playing?
– tegan plays as much as I do. So I guess not!

5 – are you short of money because you’ve spent too much on games and hardware?
– hardware maybe, but my pc works fine now! And *cough* piracy *cough*

6 – have you given up social and recreational activities to play?
– have you heard of guitar hero with a full band kit?

7 – are you in pian because you’ve played for too long?
– 2.5 hrs of solid guitar hero metallica will make anyone hurt

Courtosey of the herald sun.
also the talk about violence. That’s the best part I want it to get worse!!

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