Muppets Drivig Fast Cars

Was on my way home from dropping Tegan off in the city just before.
Pulled onto the eastern from huddle st. Got up to 100-102 and set the cruise control.
Out of no where this 4WD comes screaming past out of nowhere. But then he slows down and stays around the speed limit.
Then this guy in a Commodore S is weaving in and out of traffic.
I get cought behind him and he is hitting the breaks. WTF?! Breaks on fwy? If it’s a slower car. Use the empty lane next to you an, as hughsy would say, GO ROUND!!
I was now sitting on about 90. Saw an empty lane, dropped it to 3rd and went around. Back to 5th and resume cruise. The guy in the commo didn’t like me doing that. So he speeds up, ‘yeah I’m faster than you’
I’m shakin my head, as the chick in te far right is also shaking her head.
Then that 4WD I mentioned was also infont of the commo. ‘i know what I’ll do. I’ll tailgate him jut for fun’
The poor bloke in the 4WD would change lanes to let him past only to have him change too to continue to follow. This continued on as the sped down the fwy. I exited at Thompsons rd. However I’m sure this continued on until one of them exited also.
Like seriously, that guy in the commo was lookin to get killed.
What a Muppet!

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