I’m writing this post because a lot of mates of mine have Jailbroken iPhones and are captivated by what i have done with my iPhone and the themes / apps / plugins i use to get the most out of it.

You can see all the images below.

Here is a list of the apps that i use, also below the images are instructions on how to install the apps that i use by using my backup file.

Grant recently backed up his iPhone using Pkg Backup.
These applications, installed from Cydia®, are:
Custom Sources – Add via Manage – Sources
Cydia Sources

My Matte UI Theme (extra folder for other icons) – Reorder them in Winterboard the way i have them listed for it to work.
If the are not in this order, the 8icon dock images will be too big. Winterboard works on a preference system, the higher in the list, the more priority it has.
Extract these files into your Winterboard themes folder in var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx/
Matte DockThe icons in this are 44×45 pixels so it works with the 8icon Dock setting in supreme preferences. simply add your own icons here as *app*.png for your dock apps
SBSettings ThemesContains 5 themes, extract in the folder private/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Themes

I know i dont have many instructions here, you can see some pretty cool stuff @ appleiphoneschool.com
Winterboard theme help
Or if you have any questions, simple comment on this post and i’ll endevour to help where i can!
Good Luck and happy Pwning

01 - Quick Gold02 - Universal Search
03 - 8 Icon Dock_Matte UI04 - qTweeter
05 - SBSettings 106 - SBSettings 2
07 - Kirikae & Backgrounder08 - Kirikae Favourites
09 - Orbit10 - Supreme Preferences
11 - Settings112 - Settings 2
13 - LockInfo 114 - LockInfo Plugins 1
15 - LockInfo Plugins 216 - Cydgets
17 - LockInfo Collapsed18 - LockInfo Expanded 1
19 - LockInfo Expanded 220 - Cydget Wiki
21 - Cydget Calc22 - iPodPop

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