BOOM! Head shot!!

today tegan and i went paintballing.

we were invited to tag along with klaus and mish to an indoor paintball place in oakleigh, and the best thing was it was only 50bux!

when we got there, we discovered that alot of things that were promised to the group when the booking was made, acually never happend. we were supposed to have our own group, split up so we are against ourselves. nup we got paired with another group. and the other team we got paired with for the first two rounds did not follow the rules.

once you get shot, your supposed to put up your hand, and walk back. the other team alot of the time didnt walk back. also when your walking back, you are not allowed to be shot at. the other group decided that, ‘oh look there is some 1 walking away, not in any cover, i’ll shoot them in the back’ uhhhhh wtf? i think your not allowed to shoot at them! 3 girls from our team got shot square in the back.

apart from the little miss haps, it was a pretty fun day. what a better way to relieve the stress from a crazy week at work then to go to a warehouse and shoot at randoms, AWESOME!!

the last round, once all the games had been completed was a free for all. basically shoot til you run out of ammo. with my last few shots i managed to get one in the arm, one in the ass and of course one square in the face mask. boom! headshot!!

ah what a great day. for those of you that want the two photos that were taken on my camera go to my gallery here. i must apologise (don’t know her name, the one with the N95?) i said it would be better to take it with mine, as its 7MP but for some reason the settings were down to low so its only 640 x 480 res. fail on my part. also mish, sorry for hitting u in the ass….. nah not really that was awesome!


if your going to organise another one send me an email @ and ill send out my mobile number! cheers!!

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