Removing the Wisdom

yesterday i had my wisdom teeth taken out, all four of them!! I am recovering surprisingly well. Little to no pain and only a little swelling, however i still have no feeling in my bottom lip on the right. The surgeon said its not uncommon, it just feels really weird!

on another note, i have just finished working at the new Travancore Officeworks. Its locate at the old lombards site in flemmington. I was working there doing the store setup, along side my girlfriend tegan who now works there part time. It was a great experience, working with wonderfull people. I would do it all again if the oportunity presented itself.

One of the reasons for me doing the store setup was to help me get a MIT position at work (manager in training) over the next week i will be compiling a new resume and preparing for a possible interview so i hope all goes well.

It has been soo busy with work i have hardly found the time to keep this blog updated…. there is soo much more i can say but atm i cant be stuffed. haha

one event that traspired was meeting the dudes from pure pwnage wich was AWESOME. you can read the blog entry my mate wrote about it here. basically they came to melbourne to screen their new episode. we were the first in the world to see it wich was pretty cool.

my tomato soup is getting cold so till next time…

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