going supernova

i was just watching the history channels ‘the universe’

its a television series about the universe, covering topics such as the big bang, the earth, the moon, the sun, stars, black holes etc.

this particular episode i found very interesting. it was about stars and how they die. in 2006 the biggest supernova ever was recorded, here is a little snippet from the site.

Supernova 2006 GY

Supernova 2006 GY

Supernova 2006 GY

Astronomers at NASA’s Chandra Observatory spotted the brightest supernova ever, they announced today in a press conference televised on www.nasa.gov. This particular supernova, dubbed “2006 gy,” was not just the brightest explosion seen from the Earth. After accounting for its distance of 240 million light years away, scientists concluded that 2006 gy was actually the brightest supernova ever recorded by Earthlings.

you can see the rest of the site here.

if you are interested in seeing any of these episodes you can download them on EZTV using torrents.

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