upgrading the sin

Last week joseph from work returned my X-Box to me. Fully chipped, modified and with a whopping 200 jigga byte hard disk in it. haha yeah i said jigga byte 😛 anywho….It cost me a whole 50bux, wich i thought was reasonable enuf, thats with me supplying the hard disk. What got done exactly was they installed a chip into it wich allows you to kinda dual-boot it like you can do with most pc’s. Press it once for the standard xbox dashboard, or hold it down for 2 seconds to boot it to the Evo X dashboard.

Its pretty awsome, i can use it as a fully functional media centre, wich is what ive wanted just without the large ATX computer case to go with it. I can also copy any xbox game to the hard disk for ‘no game disk required’ playback. So ive been goin crazy at the local video store hiring games to copy onto it.

I can also watch my movies, downloaded video and music on it too. I just log into it via FTP and i can upload whatever the hell i want, even pictures for handy slide shows. I’m slowly uploading all of my music, also handy for use at parties……….Its all very exciting!!


On another note, i spent most of my day at work out in receiving organising customers products to be sent for a repair. One of wich was a Lexmark printer, i was on hold for over half an hour just for them to tell me to get the customer to call them and they will send a replacement! Ha get fucked, you can wait on hold while i call the customer and get his details and we organise it now. The poor guy has already waited over a week, and now they are giving him more inconvenience! Got all sorted and they are giving him a new machine.

Going to sydney this weekend with Jeff and Jason to watch the footy and pig out on Krispy Kreme donuts! omg have you ever had one?! julie from work brought some in this week from her trip on the weekend. they are to die for!! Anywho back to the trip. Were going up sat morning, checkin in to the hotel, probably go to the pub, hit the footy, drink at the footy, hopefully win the game, then go to the pub again. pass out in the hotel room, hopefully not to the sound of jeff or jason with the random in the room next……ewww lol. wake up sunday have a buffet breaky. then prob hit the pub again

As you can see, there is a bit of a pattern forming, basically it will involve alot of drinking and sports ahah. Gonna be AWSOME!! so pumped. Next post will be the ‘my drunk weekend in sydney’ if i can remember any of it

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