fuck slate!!

On Thursday i was out at a training thing for work only to get a msg from ash saying they were going out to the Melbourne Uni SSS End of Exams Party $1.50 post and $3.50 spirits. It was so cheap so i fugure why not!! I quickly made my way home after training got changed and headed out to ash’s house. I call to ask him and abs if they wanted me to get them KFC, abs said nah its cool ash’s mum is gonna cook us something, no knowing what it was i decided to get KFC anyways, only to find out, as i was finishing, that ash’s rangehood in the kitchen was being fixed or something and his mum was going to get take out. so they could of had KFC but didnt take the opportunity to do so. not really that interesting now i think bout it oh well’s may as well leave it there 🙂

Daylight saving time has played tricks on all of us, we were meant to be at al’s at about 7:30, looking outside and seeing how much more daylight we had we figured we had plenty of time so we took our time in getting our asses in to gear. i check the time and it was like 7:45!!! so we call al telling him to meet us at Metro.

The last SSS party we went to we got there too late and couldnt get in, this time we figured we would get there early enuf to get a good spot in the cue. we arrive only to find nobody there so we went around the corner to sit at the pub, 15min later we get up and there was a small que forming so we quickly jumped inline.

Doors opend at 8:30 and we were getting str8 into the booze, found a nice spot infront of the door in booth to sit our asses on. drinks were soo cheap i just couldnt be bothered keeping tabs on who’s round it was. “ah fuck it ill get this one”

Ash and myself were doing a round of 4 bourbon n cokes (2 each) only to be dissapointed in the taste of it i decided to find out what cheap shit they were feeding us. was some crap called Slate. FUCK SLATE. now for those that don’t know there is this site on the net about this guy wid tourrrets and one clip is him sitting at the table and then randomly knocking the salt to the gorund yelling fuck salt!! hence the fuck slate! you can find his site here

This phrase continued all nite, even long after we had moved onto the vodka lemon’s. The ques were huge at the bar 30-45min easy before you got served, so i started to throw in a vodka shot every round i got to make up for lost time, prolly not a good idea now i think of it coz my memory as of that point is a total blur. I remember ash spinning some shit about being from South Africa and how abs was his slave, and the trip to Hungry Jacks and thats about it, oh and when abs n ash almost got run over by a cab coz they were being drunken fools trying to piggy back eachother!!! – cheese!

Recently i have been re-ripping my cd’s and making them official with sfv files and nfo’s so i have removed all my XAN rips from the archive and will priodically re-add them. Cheers!!

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