hard disk’s suck

No much to report this time around (yet again).

First off i would like to apologise to abs, sorry if i offended you with my last blog entry, that wasnt my intention at all..

…next the hard disk my mate sent back from Germany keeps friggen failing on me “Delayed Write Failure” grrrrrrrrr!!! so i have to now go back to ash’s for the 3rd time and get his music yet again! the things i do for friends, the hdd isn’t even mine! its Klaus’s and is to be sent back to germany to him once i have finished with it. shouldnt be too long now, it was supposed to be back in his hands last month, but due to matters outta my hands “Failures!!” it has taken longer than expected! oh well life goes on…

Got a fair few parties this month, one on friday nite at moni’s house, should be sweet, and then ash’s birthday this weekend also (nothing planned as yet) my mate Michelle is having her 21st next friday, with the sat being 6months wid my girlfriend tegan…shit 6months already!?!?! 🙂 after that i have my cousin sarah’s 18th, then my parents go away at the end of the month!! And in between all the partying i have to fit work in, and managing my music collection, i have made some changes so i have to give the collection a major re-working, fun fun fun….

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