learning copy centre

It has been a while since my last post, been busy busy at work learning how do work in the copy centre. It’s pretty easy really, just gotta learn how to use the photocopiers, laminators, binding machines etc. Yesterday was my first “real” shift in printworks. Started at 7am and was supposed to finish at 3pm, but got held back coz of print jobs i had to finish or handball off to Nat who came in to finish the day off. I tried to do too many things at once and ended up in the shit coz i stuffed up a job, i fixed the problem but only to have alot of wastage to show for my mistake, a few hundred wasted copies 🙁 other than that the day was pretty good. Hectic but good!

Large addition to the music collection the past month, so theres not much more to add today, gotta get into adding the music to the site before i scoot off to work yet again. till next time………

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