show is finally over

On Friday the 23rd Tegan and her lil step-sis came to the show, much to my disliking. This was because they were coming at nite, and earlier that day there was an attempted abduction, and since Jasmine is only small i was a little worried for her safety. So i managed to knock off work early so i can spend time wid tegan and jasmine. Jasmine had soo much fun, never been to the show before and she was like a kid in a candy store, wanting to go on rides rides and more rides. We all went on the ferris-wheel and she loved it. “you can see everything from up here!” was a good nite for all i must say.

The next night tegan and i went to the show, she convinced me to go on the Thunderbolt, and it took alot of convincing. The reason being is that this ride can reach speeds of up to 170km/h and thats going backwards!!! I must admit, it was great fun, but at one point i was feeling a bit sick. Tegan bought me a showbag, a Willy Wonka one to be exact, and i used my employee privleges to get free food and beverages, booze too 🙂 gotta love working at the show.

On the Sunday just passed, the show finally finished!!! So in an attempt to celebrate the joyous occassion, i went out with tegan, ash and abs. We arrived at ash’s place at about 9, after he complained about how long it took me to get there, i was working all day and had to close up by myself, then he thinks i would have had time to plan somewhere to go! HA….Anyways, we arrive and get ash and abs, left the car at his place coz i wanted to drink, so we walked to the usuall places. The Clyde was CLOSED!!! so we got some dinner at the infamous Intersection Cafe. We ordered more than we could handle, 2 large pizza’s and in total we ate only 1.

After we wiped the cheese from our greedy chins we went down to pugs where we got ID’d at the bar wich is a first, usually cop it at the door, but being a sunday nite, no security were present. We had about 2/3 drinks then decided to move on coz the place was closing at about 11 i think. So we walked down to Laundry wich was closed so we found some random bar to take a restroom pitstop and we took a tram down to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow, we got ID’d yet again, myself twice before i got my first drink! After that i think we called it quits i was so damn tired and i had to work at Officeworks the next day.

Not much more to report really, i haven’t had that much time to get up to mischief as i have been working, and not much music has been collected either, altho i am currently in the process of downloading SG-1 the new Smallville, wich i watched last nite and it is awsome, The OC season 3, and Lost season 2, so i have alot of tv shows to watch to keep me occupied when im bored. Till next time Hoo-Roo!

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