the intro…

An introduction to the life of Xander.

Name: Grant Alexander
Alias: Xander, as crowned by ash sometime last year, long story 😛
D.O.B: 14-03-1985
Age: 20

This site was first created so my mates could see what music i had instead of me telling them all the time. “hey grant what music u got”, “well i have this this and this”. Now all i have to do is say go to and look for yourself 😛 good plan don’t you think.

Ok now a little about myself….
I am currently studying accounting at TAFE, although at the moment its a bit of a half assed effort coz im a bit of lazy bastard, other than that hopefully i will finish by the end of this year and get my Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

I work at Officeworks in Doncaster, and have been there since the start of june. The pay is good, the people are great and its enjoyable (well most times) to go to work each day 🙂 I also work for a catering company called Michael O’Brien Catering. When i work for these guys, its usually at some footy event at Optus Oval, or a major event such as Big Day Out and the Royal Melbourne Show. I am actually working at the melb show this year in the bar, wich should make for some interesting posts.

Well i think thats about all i can think of for now, its gettin late and i have work tomorrow and im feeling a bit lazy (as usual) to type anything else 😛

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